This event was for three days during the beginning of the week. The first day the organization had brought out llamas for students to pet and look at. I had been walking with friends when we stopped by and was very curious to actually see a live llama. I have never seen one before that day and they were all very taller than I imagined. My friends and I were there for a good 20 minutes just enjoying looking at the animals. The next day I missed but heard a lot of good things about their fajita bar. However, I did go the last day and that was Latino flavor in the ballroom in the union. When I entered I was given five tickets and you place them in a cup in front of the food you wanted. This was a hard choice because they had so much food out that you could get. I got my food after I picked and then they had four Mexican drinks in pitchers. I got Horchata as my drink then went to sit down. Now that I wasn’t preoccupied by getting food I could finally hear the live music that they had.  On the stage they had a Mariachi band playing with four men and two women were all playing different instruments. Their outfits were a light blue color and they all matched except for their shoes. Which I liked how some of them were boots and others wore nice dress shoes. Overall, I really liked the experience and how well put together all the events were.


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